John Anstett was born in Walkerton, Ontario and had many years of experience in the jewellery business. John worked for Harold Bates in Dundas, Ontario for 3 to 4 years after the war, where he received his certificate in Horology in 1948 as a Watchmaker.

With his certificate and practical experience, he started his dream.

In June 1950, John Anstett and his wife Irene opened the first Anstett Jewellers store in Clinton, Ontario. This was the beginning of the Anstett Jewellers family owned business. They started with little more than hard work and sheer determination to build a fine and reputable jewellery business.

In those days, Anstett sold not only diamonds and jewellery, but clocks, tea sets, giftware and china. Anstetts carried many brand names including Blue Bird diamonds, Gruen watches, Royal Doulton, Spode, and Rogers Brothers Silverware.


As the years went by John and Irene built the business, while becoming very involved with the community. In the summer of 1955 John purchased a car from Lorne Brown Motors in Clinton. With every purchase of five dollars or more you had a chance to win the car. The draw was made on December 24th 1955. This was the first time anyone in Canada had ever offered a draw on a car. What a fabulous prize!

In July of 1956, John opened his second store in his home town of Walkerton, Ontario. Once again, becoming involved in the community the store began to grow.

In June 1961the Seaforth store opened. This marked the third for Anstett Jewellers. Exeter opened in 1978, St. Mary’s in 1981, Goderich in 1986, Kincardine in 1992, and finally London, in 1993. London and Goderich are the current locations today.

In his stores, John offered superior services, pleasant surroundings, free inspection and cleaning of all jewellery. These unique services are still provided today. Anstetts has always found wonderful, unique jewellery designs and quality products

John and Irene had five boys and two girls, all of them taking turns in the business. David and Michael’s career spaned over 40 + years, David since 1970 and Michael since 1975.

In September of 2021 both David and Michael retiring, the Legacy lives on with new family ownership, Cathy Anstett, daughter of Irene and John and sister of David and Michael, has returned after 30 + years in the industry as the new owner of Anstett Jewellers.

Over the years, Anstett Jewellers is proud of the many long standing employees, some staying with the company for as long as 40 years!

We are proud to carry on the Legacy and Dream of Irene and John Anstett.